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Hillary Belk Recovery Support Services offers a versatile array of collaborative opportunities. Our business philosophy was developed naturally with a strategic flow of actively assisting all that needed a light hand. We call it The Hillary Belk RSS, 4-step process.

1. Collaboration: Standing side by side, we walk together as we delve into the intricacies of healing, goal-setting, creativity, intuitive introspection and development of self-worth.


2. Motivation: As we move into the second part of the program we begin to see shifts in strides. Goals are being met. New opportunities arise and the newness becomes more inviting. The desire to do more grows.


3. Empowerment: Achieving goals and milestones lead to positive emotions. You will begin to navigate more difficult milestones. Validation and mindfulness allows new perspectives to be possible.


4. Fulfillment: The end of our time together is always very bittersweet. A natural progression happens when you are getting help. You learn how to use new tools, strengthen your natural aptitude and grow your support network. This leads to new opportunities and an uncovering of layers of support. You heal deeply from within when you allow space to understand your own healing process. Change is sustained and created with new levels of awareness, and the establishment of a stronger vested interest to create a plan with real results.

Meeting You Where You Are At

We are dedicated to providing you with the support, guidance, and resources to build the tools that will assist in making your foundation more firm. Whether you are in recovery or want some support with other areas of your life, we’re here to help you overcome challenges, feel seen, heard and appreciated. When we combine our forces all will align and you will embark on your most fulfilling path.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel the freedom that stems from being safe, comfortable and secure in their lives. We are committed to helping you achieve that through our all-inclusive services. We look forward to connecting with you!



My name is Hillary Belk.

I’m a grateful and empowered woman in sustained recovery from substance use disorder since July 10, 2008. I’ve been actively working in this field since 2011.  


In 2019 I started Hillary Belk Recovery Support Services to facilitate my life’s work and true passion – helping you find your own unique path to healing and walking alongside you on this journey.


I come to you as a wounded-healer.

My own one of a kind life’s path has led me in the most meaningful direction. 


I am a natural coach. I was brought into this position by destiny. As I began to study these concepts I realized I already understood. Combining my specific aptitudes and training helped me move into this role with ease. With wonderful support I was able to fine-tune my expertise. I can confidently say many years later as stories continue to unfold, fate took me by the hand.


Over the last thirteen years I have moved through many different experiences. I started this journey as a pioneer in the Collegiate Recovery (CRC) and became the first graduate from a CRP in the state of North Carolina. I have received my life coaching certification (Life Purpose Institute - training under Fern Gorin’s direction) and recovery coaching (CCAR). 


I am professionally certified as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and Reiki Practitioner in the Healing Arts.

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