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The Leap

Counselor Specializing in Substance Use Disorder

Counseling helps to provide space to talk about what is going on in your life. Allowing for a deeper look at the root cause as to why you may be running into issues around the specific patterns we are addressing. 

We will work together in developing some proactive opportunities to apply some helpful tools to get new results. 

We offer online and in person counseling. You can set up a session by clicking below.

Sober Transport

The opportunity to be traveling companions on a transport can be a very special part of the process. This gives us the space to connect while we  discuss the next phases on your recovery path. As well as helping you through support to ease any concerns you may have while in transit. Hillary has over 11 years exerpeince as a professional sober transporter.

We offer domestic and international transport. You can set up a transport by clicking below.

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Collegiate Recovery Consultant

As an alumni of a Collegiate Recovery Program  (CRP) I have learned to navigate a lot of different facets of this process. I also enjoy helping people that are interested in going back to school. We offer placement services by assisting you in finding the best collegiate recovery that fits your needs. I love helping people get where they need to be and connecting them to these services and helping you make connections while you are focusing on going back to school in recovery.


We always consider your full background to ensure you receive the best care.


We offer online and in person consulting. You can set up a session by clicking below. 

Life Coach

We offer different packages for coaching, both in person and online. All person centered coaching to help accommodate unique lives and backgrounds.

I specialize in life coaching. Where we look at all aspects of your life and find the balance between them.  

Spiritual coaching- where we walk individuals through the seven chakras, learning to balance them through everyday living. The coaching experience can also have different focuses whether it be exploring life purpose, specific issues related to feeling stagnant or stuck in life and many more. 

Grief coaching, where you have the option walk through the Grief Recovery Handbook or create another pro-active plan to learn to live with grief/loss in daily living.

You can set up a session by reaching out by clicking below.

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Reiki is a discipline which allows healing through the balancing of the seven energy centers known as the chakra system. I have been trained and received attunement to offer this healing practice. During a session we will have an initial consultation, review of "What is reiki"? and move into the healing portion of the session. 


We offer online and in-person reiki on humans and animals. You can set up a session by clicking below. 

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