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Healing ARTS

Hands Holding Space

Hillary has also been working closely with her spirit team in both her professional life and personal life for many years. She is both a woman of faith and spirituality. She has had the unique opportunity to explore the vortex of the Asheville mountains which has helped heighten her energy to where she is remembering her spiritual gifts. While always having a sacred understanding, she is but a vessel and God is at the center as the unconditional love and support that is inherent in all things.


Spiritual Interior Design

​Creating a "safe space" for your spiritual life at your home or business. We will help support you in decorating and going over basics in considering setting up these spaces. Hillary also receives intuitive messaging that will support you in this process. We offer this service both in person and online. 


Cleansing and Protecting Spaces

​I have been cleansing and protecting spaces for many years. We are very excited to be able to offer this as a service we provide both in person and online. 


Drops of Essense

​These oil roller pens, sprays and bath salt scrubs have been infused with the beautiful energy of the Asheville mountains, home of one of the many vortexes across this country. While also holding an "essense" through infused reiki healing energy and sacred notes that flow through one of a kind scents. 

Official Website Is Launching Summer 2024!

Healing Stones
Group Hug


Hillary facilitates groups through the evidence-based practice of Strengths based approach. She also encourages positive psychology to help create healthy group cohesion. This is a form of Creative Therapy (Not to be mistaken for Art Therapy). We will explore our creativity in different ways and use a variety of activities to get our creative minds more active. 

Intuitive Journaling Groups

These groups are focused on both group cohesion and celebrating the individual's personal experiences. As well as recognizing the support and resources they have around them. Allowing the groups to take a natural flow starting with a planned theme and shifting with energy seeing where the group wants to go. Finding solutions and developing action steps to help reach goals.

Empowerment/Creativity Groups

Through exploration of creativity and empowerment participants will learn to navigate their untapped potential all while taking it step by step to meet their goals. It has been my experience if you have someone there to empower you and provide an environment to cultivate growth and healing anything is possible.

Creating Groups in Real Time

Depending on what type of group someone wants facilitated one of my skills is to be able to design a group around different themes, on demand.

Event Planner Specializing in Sober Events

Planning an event! We are your partner in creating a fun and friendly environment for your party.  Events featuring all kinds of original mock-tails and plenty. Hillary has over 10 years experience in helping with with catering events from the front of the house to the back of the house.  While having around 20 years of experience in working in the restaurant industry. We can meet you both in person or offer consultation/planning online. All you need is a theme, idea or concept and a budget and we will help your vision become reality. We also specialize in finding the "just right" sponsors and vendors for events. 
Having a company/private event where you are serving alcohol but also want to add a alternative drink bar to the mix, we can help complement with a trendy and fun twist to your original open bar concept.

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