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All Are Welcomed.

"Giving encouragement to others is a most welcome gift, for the results of it are lifted spirits, increased self-worth, and a hopeful future.”

-Florence Littauer

Meet Hillary Belk, CADC, NCCPSS

I’m a grateful and empowered woman in sustained recovery from substance use disorder since July 10, 2008. I’ve been actively working in this field since 2011.  


In 2019 I started Hillary Belk Recovery Support Services to facilitate my life’s work and true passion – helping you find your own unique path to healing and walking alongside you on this journey.


I come to you as a wounded-healer.

My own one of a kind life’s path has led me in the most meaningful direction. 


I have found through my experience that being in a counseling or coaching role has been a natural fit. As I moved further into studying these concepts it put a name to something I already knew. Combining aptitudes and further training I was able to shift into this role with ease. With excellent clinical expertise to meet me where I was at led to a newfound passion for my purpose in helping others. Many years later as an observer watching stories unfold I can say with the utmost confidence destiny became my reality. 


Over the last fifteen years I have moved through many different experiences. I started this journey as a pioneer in a Collegiate Recovery field and became the first graduate from a CRP in the state of North Carolina. I have received my life coaching certification (Life Purpose Institute - training under Fern Gorin’s direction) and recovery coaching (CCAR) and I am also a North Carolina Peer Support Specilaist (NCCPSS) 


I am professionally certified as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and  a Reiki Master in the Healing Arts. 

I am a consultant, professional public speaker, mentor, student, and teacher. I have a natural propensity to apply positive psychology in my daily living, which I have found to be supportive in the services we offer. 


My past experience includes working with Young People In Recovery (founding member), Heroes In Recovery through Foundations Recovery Network, Mobilize Recovery, onsite sober living, house manager, lead coaching, training co-counselors/managers, life coaching, counseling, writing up rules and standards, supervising, project manager and helping to expand and grow programs. 


I have centered my career around collaborating with other professionals. I feel fortunate to form strong relationships with colleagues and peers over the years. I will never hesitate to reach out to other experts in the field if something feels beyond my scope. Asking for help and support ensures that you are receiving the best care possible. 


I am grateful to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. I often refer to myself as a unicorn because I think that each of us has our own one of a kind things that make us who we are. I have worked with this diverse population as well as most other demographics throughout my career. 


I have walked alongside many people helping them to recognize their unique gifts. Together we’ll focus on the step by step process and as you learn more about yourself. We’ll work towards  focusing attention toward meeting desired goals.


Fostering an environment for growth and transformation.


When struggling with addiction issues, it can be hard to see past the consequences of what is happening. Over time, this becomes ingrained in the thinking process and this caused a short-sighted understanding of what is actually happening. 


I believe talking through the confusion of the issues we can move into clarity. This change in perspective has positive and far reaching effects. As one moves through the stages of the healing process over am extended period of time, you are in what I like to call a continuum of transition.


Small steps lead to more. Which add up to big steps. Sometimes the simplest things can have the most profound effects. Gratitude, openness to change, and a willingness to learn can change your life. And set you on new path. 


I will meet you where you are at and together we will embark this journey. To find new ways of seeing “fun”, making room for inspired motivation and unpack the same old problem with new solutions. 


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